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25 March, 2019

2019 Harvest

The harvest is here and although there is much yet to be done, we can tell already it’ll be a very good year.

“Until now, the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall have been very hot and dry. This has allowed us to harvest very healthy grapes with no rush at all. The prevailing climate conditions, however, have resulted in lower yields, especially in the case of Chardonnay. On the other hand, warm temperatures have caused grapes to ripen earlier,” said Sebastián Herrera, Agricultural Director.

“Yields are lower. Usually, quality is superb in years like this as wines are more concentrated and loaded with fruit. Consumers love that type of wines, “ explained Andrés Caballero, Winemaker Director of Santa Carolina. He also pointed out that it was a technically challenging year: “Teamwork has been the name of the game. We have faced very particular characteristics this season, primarily ripeness, but I believe it’ll be an outstanding vintage”.

In turn, Gonzalo Bertelsen, General Manager and Winemaker Director of Viña Casablanca, said that not only had it been a pretty demanding year but also the harvest had come earlier. “Grapes, however, are remarkably healthy and brimming with concentrated flavors and aromas. We expect this to be another excellent year for the harvest”, he said.