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28 November, 2017

Carolina, a renewed image

Carolina is the new face of Santa Carolina Reserva. A tribute to Carolina Íñiguez –the wife of the winery’s founder Luis Pereira–, this wine seeks to reach a public who are keen on enjoying every moment and always find an opportunity to turn an ordinary day into a special occasion. Carolina Íñiguez was a woman who knew how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to turn even the simplest of moments into a grand one. She is the one who reminds them that every moment can be a great one and that no reason is too small to celebrate. The new Carolina Reserva is born out of that inspiration. This wine is not afraid of innovating in order to create new sensations. The refreshed, modern look brings into its packaging everything that Carolina represents. The label is simple, light, fresh and modern. This effort is aimed to move closer to our consumers and identify with them.