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25 July, 2019

End of a great 2019 harvest

The 2019 harvest came to an end after 3 months of hard work.

In Chile, the 2018 spring was rather chilly, but the summer was hot. “It was a very healthy harvest. Technically, we had little rain. The challenge was to pick all the grapes on time and at the right time,” said Andrés Caballero, Chief Winemaker at Santa Carolina. What can be expected of the 2019 vintage? According to Caballero “this vintage features powerful wines of excellent quality and outstanding concentration. In the case of whites, the harvest started rather early, which is why we can anticipate very fruity and citrusy wines.”

In turn, Gonzalo Bertelsen, Chief Winemaker of Viña Casablanca and Finca el Origen, said that “the 2019 harvest was amazing in all senses. We harvested concentrated grapes with excellent skins, fantastic ripeness and organoleptic characteristics second to none. “The whites we produced this year are intense, lively, with great punch, mineral character, natural acidity and are evolving stunningly well. The reds boast excellent balance, round mouthfeel and gentle tannin.”

As to Mendoza, Bertelsen said that the harvest had been “like no other. As usual, winter in the mountains was very cold with the vineyards under snow for several days. The spring was dry, with scarce precipitation, no frost and no Zonda wind. The summer was unusually dry, which resulted in optimal conditions for grapes to ripen to perfection. Both Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon were harvested at the peak of ripeness. Both varieties rendered wines of exceptional quality, deep, intense color, an explosion of fresh fruit and sweet tannins. The favorable conditions of the 2019 season ensure long life to our high-altitude wines.”